The Privacy Policy describes how Nanolash.lv uses and protects the information you provide when registering or using the Service. When Nanolash.lv asks you to provide any information, it is used, processed and stored in accordance with this policy. By becoming a registered user or ordering goods, you agree to the processing of the data you provide when registering and using the Service.


    We may collect, store and use the following personal data:

    • Information about visiting and using your computers and website Nanolash.lv (including your computer's IP address, geographic location, web browser type).

    • Information about any transactions between you and Nanolash.lv (including information related to orders).

    • The information you provide when registering for the Service.

    • The information you provide to log in to the Newsletter sent by Nanolash.lv or to receive reports on completed forms.

    • Any other information you want us to send.


    • Provide you with the opportunity to use the services available on the Nanolash.lv website.

    • Manage website Nanolash.lv.

    • Personalize the services or website Nanolash.lv.

    • Send you notifications, bills, and make payments.

    • Send you the emails you are logged into.

    • Send you a newsletter and other marketing messages.

    • Refer to your questions or complaints about the website Nanolash.lv.


    Nanolash.lv may disclose information about you to any Nanolash.lv employee only to the extent that this privacy policy stipulates.

    In addition, we may disclose information about you:

    • To the extent that it complies with laws and regulations.

    • In connection with any legal proceedings.

    • To defend your legal rights (including the transfer of information to others to prevent fraud).

    We use the Google Analytics program to analyze the Nanolash.lv page visit. Using cookies stored on Wix.com servers, where our website is stored, Google Analytics collects statistical and other information about the Nanolash.lv page. The information that is collected in connection with the website Nanolash.lv is stored by Google.

    We keep the right to disclose your personal information in case Nanolash.lv is purchased or merged with another company. In this case, Nanolash.lv will inform you before the information is passed on and subject to another privacy policy.


    The website of Nanolash.lv uses cookies technology. These cookies tell us whether you have previously visited our website, whether you are a new user and what you have viewed on our site. The cookies we use do not collect any personal information about you and do not offer us the opportunity to contact you, nor do cookies load any kind of information from your computer.


    In order to guarantee the security of your data, Nanolash.lv data is stored on the US server wix.com, which is maintained and supervised by suitably qualified service and staff. Wix.com is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and security systems that provide a consistent, fast and stable service 24 hours a day. While these security measures help to prevent unauthorized access to data, Nanolash.lv does not guarantee that your data will not be available to third parties.


    The service may include links to other global websites or resources. As Nanolash.lv does not control such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that Nanolash.lv is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, nor does it accept or accept any responsibility for the content that is available on such sites and resources. You also acknowledge and agree that Nanolash.lv will not assume any direct or indirect responsibility for any damage or loss caused or likely to be caused by the use or reliance on any such content available on such a site or resource or through such site or resource.

  • OTHER:

    This privacy policy may change from time to time. The latest version of the Privacy Policy, published on Nanolash.lv, replaces all previous versions of the Privacy Policy.


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